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Psychic Fuel: Powerful Motivation for the Mind and Body

How powerful is our mind?  Do we really realize the force behind this “muscle” that we can say to it, “Be and it is?”   What kind of fuel should we use to build it?  Psychic is referring to the mind or “psyche” which includes our “human soul or spirit” and also our “psychological structure.”  How do we know what our […]

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Editor’s Note: Fall/Winter 2012

Bismillah(In The Name of God) It is a beautiful sight to witness true and pure love.  Pure love is when you desire the best for someone and their family.  Over 17 years ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave an example of “true love” with his call for one million men to travel to Washington, DC for a gathering and […]

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A Nation can Rise no Higher than Its Woman

A Virtuous Conversation with Dr. Ava Muhammad (Virtue magazine recently interviewed Dr. Ava Muhammad on this very special topic, “A Nation can Rise No Higher than it’s Woman:  A Divine Law.”  You will gain so much amazing insight from this interview to begin implementing immediately in your life). Virtue(V) – Why can a nation rise no higher than its woman?  […]

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How to Save Money

Save Money Now! What can you do right now, starting today, to save money?   Small Tips to start today: Rent videos and books from the library.  It’s FREE! Buy generic.  The ingredients are usually exactly the same. Clip coupons with class and save some cash. Stop smoking! Make your own coffee.  (Get some Whip Cream, dark chocolate and you […]

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Editor’s note 2014

Editor’s Note 2014 Bismillah (In the Name of God) “The time to be “empowered” is NOW!” Everyday we wake up is another opportunity to improve and transform our lives. The access to technology and the internet has given us the opportunity to gain knowledge and communicate information in a manner of seconds.  We should actually have “more” time to study […]

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Soft As A Butterfly

Soft as a Butterfly By Michael X Vincent The Black Woman’s love like a rush when the water Rise Top of the tide- we surf that to the shore Lines Never uncertain or shaky, its a sure Ride Tap into infinity, be wrapped up in her Energy We fight, kill and die to protect her from her Enemies “VIRTUE”, “DEFEND […]

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Promoting Positive Relationships Between the Sexes

The Basis of Proper Male/Female Relationships -Pt. 1 [Editor’s note: The following text is excerpted from “A Torchlight for America” by the Honorable Minister Farrakhan.] Neither male nor female can fulfill their relationships to each other until they are first properly connected to the source of all creation, which is God. This is why the divorce rate is so high, and the dissatisfaction […]

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Understanding Mating
Min. Abdul Hafeez Muhammad

  The Ask Hafeez Column presents: “Understanding Mating”   V-What is “Mating” and why is it important? Abdul Hafeez(AH)-Let us begin with the meaning of the word “mating”; which signifies that two species of the opposite sex come together for the purpose of procreation. The science of unalike attracts and alike repels renders that all reproduction can only take place […]

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Editor’s Note

The Power of Our Intentions Do you remember the poem entitled “Footprints?” The poem is about a man that is looking back over his life and he notices that there were two sets of footprints during much of his life, showing that God was walking with him. However, during the difficult parts of his life, he noticed that there was […]

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