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New Promo!

Check out the new Virtue Magazine promo video done by Brother Michael X!

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Soft As A Butterfly

Soft as a Butterfly By Michael X Vincent The Black Woman’s love like a rush when the water Rise Top of the tide- we surf that to the shore Lines Never uncertain or shaky, its a sure Ride Tap into infinity, be wrapped up in her Energy We fight, kill and die to protect her from her Enemies “VIRTUE”, “DEFEND […]

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A Nation can Rise no Higher than Its Woman

A Virtuous Conversation with Dr. Ava Muhammad (Virtue magazine recently interviewed Dr. Ava Muhammad on this very special topic, “A Nation can Rise No Higher than it’s Woman:  A Divine Law.”  You will gain so much amazing insight from this interview to begin implementing immediately in your life). Virtue(V) – Why can a nation rise no higher than its woman?  […]

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Understanding Mating
Min. Abdul Hafeez Muhammad

  The Ask Hafeez Column presents: “Understanding Mating”   V-What is “Mating” and why is it important? Abdul Hafeez(AH)-Let us begin with the meaning of the word “mating”; which signifies that two species of the opposite sex come together for the purpose of procreation. The science of unalike attracts and alike repels renders that all reproduction can only take place […]

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