editor_featureBismillah(In The Name of God)

It is a beautiful sight to witness true and pure love.  Pure love is when you desire the best for someone and their family.  Over 17 years ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan gave an example of “true love” with his call for one million men to travel to Washington, DC for a gathering and “man to man” talk about black men doing better in their communities as fathers and husbands.  Nearly two million came and the women supported it.

audreyOver the years, his love has been demonstrated by service and an abundance of guidance.  Recently, he again displayed that love by asking the brothers of the FOI(Fruit of Islam) to go out into the community every Monday evening to help bring peace to the streets.  In one week, his efforts, along with the brothers, was responsible for causing an amazing amount of “positive press,”  more than we have seen in a long time concerning black men.  In Study Guide number 19, Sister Minister Dr. Ava Muhammad states, “One way we can measure our progress in life is by calculating how long it takes to complete our various goals and objectives on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.  A spiritually and intellectually developed person is effective in dealing with people and getting things done.”  Minister Farrakhan started a movement in a week.

Minister Farrakhan’s example and guidance has impacted so many lives.  He has helped men build their families and repair their homes.  It is a honor for Virtue to be able to highlight some wonderful couples in this issue, who work “hand in hand” to be of service to their people.

In this issue, we also provide guidance on everything from eliminating negative emotions, preventing infidelity and building wealth.  Minister Farrakhan has said that we can never underestimate God’s ability to bring us out of the worst of circumstances.  In the same Study Guide, Sister Ava states, “Never underestimate the power in your own ability to perceive worth in every human being—particularly yourself.  It will absolutely determine the extent of your success in life.”

I am so grateful for everything Allah(God) has blessed me with in terms of understanding and guidance in order for me to grow closer to Him.   Since every action is preceded by a thought, isn’t it important for us to have the best and purest of thoughts for ultimate growth.   It is my sincere desire to be an even better servant this year.  When we submit and are dutiful, it helps to eliminate so much stress from our life.  Our life, instead of being a series of “I wish I had,” becomes a chorus of “I’m thankful I did.”  Let us atone for any wrong done to ourselves and others and then get busy being “on time” and “on purpose” to teach, heal and build.

May God Bless us all with peace, love, health, wealth and happiness.

Your Sister,