Soft as a Butterfly

By Michael X Vincent

The Black Woman’s love like a rush when the water Rise

Top of the tide- we surf that to the shore Lines

Never uncertain or shaky, its a sure Ride

Tap into infinity, be wrapped up in her Energy

We fight, kill and die to protect her from her Enemies


If she don’t grow, there’s no hope for our Progeny

I made this mistake in the world, it wasn’t known to Me

It had to be shown to Me

The Sickness in Society

Got men gambling with women like the Lottery

Irresponsible and Immature- with no Apologies

The minds of women contain a complex Anatomy

To navigate it right I’m a need God backing Me

A fact no Flattery and with that said…….Why our Women in this CONDITION
I’m trippin it got me thinking
What this Society Missin
Clintchin my Fist-Tighten the Grip-My Teeth Grittin
What I’m looking at IS SICKNEN
… Got my head Spinnin
I break down and Cry cause I got my Heart in it
Have I taken Part in it???
Playing this enemies game, Women take A-lot in it
No GOOD GUYS in it……
Cause we don’t even see the Second Self of GOD in it
Need to take a Second Look
Put 2 pair of Eyes in it
Cause if they don’t get to RISE
If Women ain’t Liberated
If Women don’t come ALIVE
If Women are MINIMIZED
If Women ain’t EDIFIED
If Women ain’t better TREATED
If Women can’t never TEACH US
If the Pride of a Man higher than a set of BLEACHERS
So Clean So Fresh…..Like a pair of SNEAKERS
So self Righteous……Like a set of PREACHERS
If Women can never REACH US
If Women ain’t secured, protected for better REASONS
And Raised from the DEAD Like GOD DID JESUS!!!!!!
Its over…LEAVE it…….let it alone BEAVER.