The Power of Our Intentions

Do you remember the poem entitled “Footprints?” The poem is about a man that is looking back over his life and he notices that there were two sets of footprints during much of his life, showing that God was walking with him. However, during the difficult parts of his life, he noticed that there was only once set of footprints and interpreted that as God having left him during that time. However, God corrected him and said, “No, during the most difficult times you only see one set of footprints because it was then that I carried you.”


For many of us, we may have experienced a rough year in 2010, but here we are in 2011! Didn’t God carry us through? Well, what do you “intend” to do this year? Write out your intentions and “resolve” to carry them out. This is an ongoing process. I have really become fascinated on how to follow through with my “intentions” after having a wonderful discussion with our Contributing Editor, Latonja Styles CEO of I AM Image who recently earned her Masters of Science in Entertainment Business. (Congratulations Sister Latonja!)


What is an Intention? An intention is described in the Oxford Dictionary as “ an aim or purpose.” An intent can be described as a desire or wish one means to carry out. What does “desire” feed? Desire feeds the will. What is the Will? According to the Study Guide, The Will of God Part I, “Will is the faculty of conscious and especially of deliberate action…The Will is the Real Power of Allah (God) in Man. However, the Will must be buttressed, or supported, by Faith and by Knowledge…To be able to “Will” is to have a creative force within that actually can change the conditions of our live.


Dr. Wayne Dyer described the difference between “free will,” which we all have and “intention,” in his book The Power of Intention. For instance, if I intend to lose weight or stop smoking cigarettes, I have the “free will” to go and buy cigarettes or cupcakes. However, when I partner my “free will,” that God Force within me and instead channel it toward my “intention,” or desire I wish to carry out, my free will works to my benefit and I put the cigarette or cupcake down. Good intentions help us stay connected to our creative energy and our “source,” our God.audrey


List your intentions for this year for yourself, your family, your education, your career, your community. This issue will show you how to improve yourself on many levels. How do you intend to improve yourself and serve others better? Try to question every action you make and ask yourself, “Is this going to bring me closer to my goal or intention?” This act helps us to be “mindful” and in the moment. Remember, life is for living. Choose love and “accept your own and be yourself.”


May God bless us all with peace, love, health, wealth and happiness.

Your sister,